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My name is Koos van Tol, I have been active as a graphic artist for over 50 years.


Besides autonomous works of art I also have executed designs of fellow-artists for a long period of time. Doing this I adressed all aspects of the graphic craft: drawing, photography, design, typography, layout, printing (silkscreen and book printing), post-production etc.


For a number of years now I have devoted myself exclusively to my own autonomous work, drawing on a wealth of materials, means, experience and expertise.

Starting point for my nowaday's prints is always a photograph, that I modify till I have reached a satisfying result. In this process the hand and the eye of the graphic artist, that I am originally, play a predominant role.

Patterns, reflections, perspective or symmetry are often the themes. These I find frequently in architecture.

The prints are executed as c-prints on high-quality paper. They generally have the size of

A2 (42 x 59,4 cm), but every other size is possible.


In addition, I now also have an extensive collection of photographs, which is growing daily. From this I make a regular choice for producing stunning ultra chrome prints. Examples can be found in my portfolio, elsewhere on this site.


For some time now I've been experimenting with an entirely new technique, which I've named

ceegee print, derived from 'computer generated print'.

In doing so, I have the computer generate a print, within the frameworks indicated by me and according to specifications set by me.

This sometimes results in very surprising images, as you can see here.

Breaking news


The video VAN DIE DINGEN... (Things like these...), made by Fred van Dijk

as part of my exhibition in Museum Veluwezoom (February - September 2020)

is now on YouTube, with English subtitles.

The book with the same title is also still available.





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