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Exhibition in

Museum Veluwezoom



In Museum Veluwezoom, housed in Castle Doorwerth,

there is currently an exhibition on display of work I have made

over the past 50 years.


In this exhibition 4 facets of my work are being highlighted:

1. my free (graphic) work

2. my photographic work

3. my work as publisher and producer of (artist) books

4. my work on commission, especially for fellow artists


This exhibition took place from 7 February untill 26 September 2020,

and has now ended.




On the occasion of this exhibition, a book

- 22.5 x 22.5 cm, 96 pages, € 15.00 -

has been published that can be purchased at the museum,

or ordered via the contact form.







There is also a video, made by Fred van Dijk, in which

I basically describe my work.


Pictures of the festive opening were made by Berry de Reus. You can find them on this link: Van–die–dingen. You can also download and use them, but only with a reference to the photographer!

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