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Exhibition in

Bronkerk Ugchelen


During the months of July and August 2019 recent work by me will be shown in the Bronkerk in Ugchelen.




This exhibition closed on august 31st 2019

Oktober 2015



Where: Raadsgalerij Townhall Oosterbeek

When: 29 oktober 2015 - 7 januari 2016

Opening: 29 oktober 2015, 16:00 hour

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This exhibition closed on january 7th 2016

November 2014


Exhibition ‘De Stad’

Where: Museum IJsselstein and Galerie De Boog

When: in the museum november 29, 2014 - march 15, 2015

          in the gallery november 29, 2014 - january 18, 2015

Opening: november 29, 2014 from 14:30 hour

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The exhibition in Galerie de Boog closed on january 18, 2015.

In the IJsselstein Museum it closed on march 15, 2015.


Below a video with a short impression of both exhibitions:

October 2014


Exhibition ‘Gespot 4: In het Licht’

with works of Roland Schimmel, Marianne Haselhoff, Koos van Tol, Maria Strik, Hans Vredegoor and Marcel Reijerman.

Opening: oktober 23, 2014 16:00 hour, by Herman Hofman, oud-sectorhoofd cultuur gemeente Arnhem.

From oktober 23 till januari 8, 2015 in the Raadsgalerij of the townhall in Oosterbeek.

Open: monday till thirsday from 9 till 17 hour; friday from 8.30 hour tot 12 hour. admittance is free after notification at the reception.

Of the above mentioned artists works are shown that are acquired by the municipality in earlier years. Additionally a selection from their present day works.

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This exhibition closed in february 2015.


Mai 2014


I have made a small booklet with a representative choice from my c-prints. It is printed in the same way and on the same paper as the large prints. The size is 16 x 16 cm and the number of pages is 60. It is bound (by hand) in a cover with a paper furnish. The number of copies is very small.

You can order this booklet for € 47,50 plus postage by sending an e-mail.


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